The Essential Download: Google Docs, FAST, Premier League

Welcome to the Essential Download, a selection of new, updated and essential applications that will make working on a mobile device simpler, more productive and secure activity. There’s even room for a bit of fun as well.

Google Docs (iOS)

Google Docs iPad

Google Docs on iOS has been updated with Split View support to take advantage of the iPad Pro, iPad 2 and iPad Mini 4’s multitasking features. This means you can use Slides, Docs and Sheets to do work while using the Internet, watching a video or checking Witter simultaneously.

Given Apple’s desire to make its tablet a mainstay in the business world, it will be happy its great rival has helped make the iPad a bit more productive.

Netlfix FAST (iOS/Android)

Netflix FAST iPad

There are numerous speed tests available on the web, but Netflix has taken matters into its own hands.

It is involved in a number of very public spats with ISPs, claiming they are demanding additional fees to ensure Netflix runs smoothly on their networks. It has been suggested some ISPs ‘throttle’ Netflix unless the money is paid.

FAST is a simple, uncomplicated speed test that informs users exactly what they are getting on their fixed or mobile connection.

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Bluestacks (Windows/Mac)


Bluestacks was formed in 2009 but it has come to prominence in recent weeks because of a particular feature: it lets you play Pokemon Go on desktop. It runs other Android applications too, making it a potentially useful business tool as well. In fact, it can run 96 percent of the apps on Google Play and has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

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Premier League (iOS/Android)

Premier League iPad

The Premier League’s rebranding exercise has seen it release a mobile application for the first time. Combining live scores, news, stats and videos with features and profiles, the main attraction here is the integration of the league’s popular fantasy football game.

An app for the game has been available for the past few seasons, but has cost as much as £1.49, with a new app released every year. The inclusion will not only ensure the Premier League app gets plenty of downloads but will also save fans money.

Sky Sports Football Score Centre (iOS/Android)

Sky Sports iPhone

To complement its live coverage of the new season, Sky Sports has finally won the online and mobile highlights rights for the Premier League. This means subscribers can watch the goals as they go in (or at 17:15 for a 15:00 kick off) and non-subscribers can see them a bit later on. There;’s also live scores, stats and other information for the broadcaster.

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