Half TechWeek’s Readers Will Stay Put In 2014

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A lot of TechWeek readers plan to stay at their current employers this year and some expect a promotion, like Satya Nadella, but a third plan to change bosses

2014 may already be a month old, but just before we all wound down for 2013 and gorged ourselves on the Christmas and New Year festivities, we asked you what you expected to happen to your career during the following 12 months in order to get a better idea of the British IT industry.

We found that nearly half of readers expect to stay with their current employer during the course of 2014, but a third of respondents say they plan on jumping ship for another technology job, and 14 percent expect they will have to walk the plank, and face redundancy this year.

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More than 300 readers  responded, and the second most popular response was ‘no change’, with 28.7 percent of you expecting to be doing the same thing when 2015 comes around. Another 14.8 percent of you are hoping for a promotion. It will be well-deserved, we’re sure, and we can only assume that this was what new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said when he entered the poll (which, obviously, we are sure he did).

Adding those two figures together, it seems 43.5 percent of you are sticking with your current employer.

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However, less happily, 13.9 percent of you fear that you will be made redundant before the year is out, while 9.5 percent of you say you plan on leaving the technology sector altogether.

No matter what happens, we wish you the best of luck in your endeavours and hope that we can help you achieve your goals in 2014, after all, we aim to support the work of IT professionals and want to be able to do this to the best of our abilities.

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