Tech Club: How Mobile Are You?

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Is your organisation fully embracing 4G and BYOD? Come to our next gathering and let us know

Businesses everywhere are now embracing mobile capabilities more than ever, as improved connectivity means that workers now have the ability to work on the move via BYOD programmes. We’re meeting up with readers to discuss how the rise of mobility is affecting them and what they can do to benefit from this.

The sheer range of services and devices available to users can be daunting, as often it can be tough to discern what your business requires. And with flexible working hours becoming the standard for many workers, companies need to ensure they are able to offer such capabilities effectively and securely.

Our next Tech Club meeting on 19 March will discuss all things mobile and we’d like you to help in forming the agenda by taking part in our survey – which will enter you into our draw for Mobile World Congress tickets if you also subscribe to our mobile newslatter.

We’ll also have a first-hand report of what new devices and technologies emerged at MWC 2014 to change the game.

4G (c) De Mango, Shutterstock 2013Ready to get connected?

You’ve probably heard a lot about 4G/LTE networks, and how they are going to revolutionise both business and everyday life. This may well be the case, as the benefits offered by increased connectivity can be extremely useful for your home or business. But which network offers the best service for you?

There is also a wide range of devices and operating systems available – as any BlackBerry aficionado will tell you, although Apple and Samsung take a lot of the headlines, there are many other companies out there clamouring for attention. Android is creeping up on iOS with its relationships with manufacturers around the world – but which will be best for you or your mobile workforce?

We’re planning an evening to discuss these issues and more over drinks in London’s Soho on 19 March, from 6pm onwards. Before then, though, we’ve set up a quick survey to gauge level of the discussion and see what interests you

In order to join us, sign up for Tech Club here.

Enter our mobility survey to win MWC 2014 tickets!

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