TalkTalk Offers Basic Broadband for £2.50 Per Month

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There’s still £15.40 to pay for the line rental, obviously

TalkTalk Telecom has launched SimplyBroadband, an unlimited broadband package that costs £2.50 per month, plus line rental.

The idea is aimed at those who simply don’t use their landline for phone calls, and includes no add-ons for call bundles or TV services. It does however, offer genuinely unlimited broadband with no traffic shaping, TalkTalk said, and other services such as phone call bundles or fibre can be added at a later date.


Bare bones broadband

“By stripping out the inclusive calls package we have managed to bring price down to £2.50,”  a TalkTalk spokesman told TechWeekeurope. “You will still have to pay £14.50 a month line rental, for a total of £17.90,  but you can reduce the price further if you pay up front for your line rental.”

The SimplyBroadband deal requires users to sign up for a year, but TalkTalk does give the option to pay for line rental in advance at £114 for the year (which knocks £70.80 off the price). The Value Line Rental price is due to go up to £126 soon, however.

The package does include TalkTalk’s HomeSafe security service, and also a router.

TalkTalk has consistently pushed for low-cost broadband deals, and has in the past been accused of cutting corners on customer service. earlier this year it was fined for nuisance calls by third party partners, and it has a regular spot at the top of the list of complaints to the regulator, Ofcom.

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