Win A Sony SmartWatch 2 With TechWeek’s Survey

Answer a few questions, and we’ll enter you in a raffle for a £170 Sony Smartwatch 2

Despite initial doubts, smart watches are taking off. Samsung claims it has sold 800,000 units of its Galaxy Gear, getting ahead of a rumoured Apple competitor. You too can be ahead of the pack, with a chance to win a smartwatch from consumer leader Sony, if you fill in our survey.

The survey is designed to probe how modern technology has changed business buying patterns – and if you complete it, we’ll not just enter you in the raffle, but also send you a summary of the results. Last year, for instance, we found that top purchase criteria were performance, reliability and price – in that order.

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Getting to know you

The survey features 22 questions designed to find out how you gather information. The answers will help us serve your needs better, as well as understand any changes in the way professionals receive business information. We hope the results will help us improve the publication, and provide some interesting reading.

We appreciate your time – as well as sending you a summary of the results for your own use, we’ll also enter you in a raffle to win a Sony SmartWatch 2 which has a retail price of £169.99.

Please follow the link to take part in our survey.

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