Silicon Labs: MX Master 3S Mouse

MX Master 3S Mouse

Designed to complement the MX Keyboard, the MX Mouse shares the same design quality and colour scheme. As a result, they certainly look professional on your desk. Logitech has been evolving the design of its mouse for several decades. In an age where lower profile svelte mice are in vogue, the MX mouse is massive in comparison but speaks volumes about the importance of ergonomics.

As with the MX Keyboard, the mouse can use Bluetooth or its own receiver, pairing up to three devices, making it ideal for multi-device working. The left and right buttons have a positive click. Power is provided via a built-in rechargeable battery. A full charge should last, on average, about two months.

The main body of the mouse has a rubberised layer, which gives a good grip when in use. And users with larger hands will find this mouse more comfortable than many other mice on the market. Weighing 154g, the mouse has a weight which enables accurate positioning when used with a good quality mouse mat such as the Fellowes memory foam mouse mat with wrist support. Note that this mouse is designed for right-handed users.

In use, the two main buttons, the ratchet scroll wheel, are joined by a side wheel and two additional buttons which can be programmed. You can navigate using a browser or application with minimal wrist movement and without constantly moving back and forth to your keyboard. Again, this speaks to the ergonomic appeal of this mouse.

The function of each button can also be controlled with the Options application. The usual controls, such as scroll speed, are joined by SmartShift, which is very useful if you navigate documents with many pages. The wheel will free spin, scrolling the document until you want it to stop. For example, the mouse is rated at 1600 dpi, which should give fine control when using design applications.

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Silicon Verdict

With so many devices that can be used to control your devices, a traditional mouse can easily be overlooked in favour of more design-led options. The ergonomic design – at least for right-handed users – wins here. Yes, you pay a premium for this level of engineering, but when paired with the MX Keyboard, it's a hard combination to beat if you spend most of your day at your desk.