Liverpool Has The Best Mobile Service In The UK

Research from RootMetrics shows Northern and Midland cities outperform the capital

London receives just the fifth best mobile service in the UK, according to research firm RootMetrics, which measured the data, text and call performance of all four major UK operators in the UK’s biggest cities.

Each city is awarded a score out of 100, determined by the average score of each operator, weighted according to the estimated national percentage of UK mobile users on each network.

Liverpool topped the table with an average weighted result of 92.5 out of 100, ahead of Manchester on 90.9, Coventry on 90.1 and Birmingham on 89.6. London scored 87.42, placing it ahead of the other UK capitals, with Edinburgh’s 88.42 in sixth, Belfast in ninth and Cardiff, which placed 14th.

RootMetrics network performance

Albert DockHull finished bottom of the standings with 78.4, and bottom of the text and data categories, but at the other end of the M62, Liverpool was top in every criteria, contributing to its high overall score.

“This deeper look into our results shows that the level of performance people experience can hugely vary depending on where they live,” says RootMetrics CEO Bill Moore. “Whilst geographically Hull may not be that far from Liverpool, when it comes to mobile performance, it’s light years behind.

“Given its importance to the UK economy and our increasing reliance on mobile devices for commerce, it is a surprise that London did not come in first a single category and, overall, only came fifth.”

Earlier this year, RootMetrics named EE the best operator in the capital with a score of 92.2, while the network has also been named as the best across the UK.

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