Samsung: Quiz Of The Week

Samsung had a strong showing at MWC, with its Galaxy S5 but what do you know about the manufacturer?

Samsung made a splash at Mobile World Congress (MWC) this week, with the launch of its flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone, while also stepping up its efforts in the enterprise mobility market with a major update to Samsung Knox.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 made the headlines with its advanced imaging options, faster connectivity and fitness features, while Knox 2.0 has added an array of security and management functions, including support for third party containers.

Samsung Quiz

Samsung Galaxy S5 (4)It was a good week for the company, which will hope to outshine Apple and its Android rivals in the smartphone market, while taking advantage of the growing need for mobility management as BYOD policies become more commonplace in businesses around the world.

With these developments likely to please both employees and IT administrators, we thought it would be an appropriate time to see what you know about the manufacturer, and spruced up our Samsung quiz.

Samsung isn’t just about smartphones and tablets either. It makes everything from TVs and printers to LCD projectors and cameras, and our quiz will see how much you know about the company, which attracts 100,000 applicants for its recruitment programmes held in Korea twice a year.

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