Quiz Of The Week: This Year’s Smartphones


Our smartphone quiz looked a bit old – so here’s one about the hot phones so far in 2013!

Smartphones keep changing, so we have a quiz on the top smartphones to arrive in 2013 so far!

iMessage iPhoneThere’s no new iPhone (so far) this year, but there’s been an update of Apple’s iOS operating system. There have also been important devices from Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG and others. Our quiz is a quick check on how much attention you have been paying so far.

Anyone remember Sony Ericsson?

We knew we needed this quiz when we noticed that our current smartphone quiz, published early in 2013, included questions about Sony Ericsson, and the BlackBerry Torch, neither of which exists any more as a going concern.

It’s still an entertaining quiz, and you can find it here, if you want to test your knowledge of the greatest hits of 2011.

But this year, we have seen BlackBerry, Nokia and HTC all arming themselves with some exciting devices designed to win back past glories. There have also been new platforms, including Sailfish, Ubuntu and Firefox.

All this is in this week’s…

Smartphone Quiz!

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