Quiz Of The Week: Education!

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Learning tech, or using tech to learn? Go back to school with this week’s quiz on IT education!

It’s been one of the thorniest issues in recent years: how do we train enough tech-savvy people to keep British industry going?  And how can we best use tech tools to enable people of all ages to learn what they need?

Successive governments have provided blueprints and strategies, and this year the education ministere rebooted the curriculum in hopes of getting more kids interested in programming, while other initiatives such as Campus Party take the approach of offering enticements – making IT learning fun.

Education online

Learning for tech or tech for learning?

Whatever the approach, there are plenty of things to get educated about – and the whole tech industry can get involved in delivering the answers, whether you back the government’s ideas, or, like Mark Surman, think organisations outside of public sector need to make a better effort.

Distance learning and YouTube based academies are sprouting all over, but tech subjects still seem to take a back seat in school and there’s a huge need to promote science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects.

But that’s way too serious for us on a Friday. Our tech quiz is much more trivial. What do you know about tech educational initiatives?

Try the quiz!

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