Quiz Of The Week: Biometric Technology

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Does your face fit? Test your authentication know-how with our biometric quiz!

Passwords are so last year – now the iPphone 5S, along with  your computer and your social media, all want to get to know you on a more personal level – with biometric methods of authentication.

There are plenty to choose from, and they all come with benefits and drawbacks. There’s one thing in common though – they all measure something unique about you, and use it as an identifier to access a device or a service. You might think this is still futuristic, but our quiz could convince you otherwise.

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Who do you think you are?

The importance of biometrics in security is as a way to provide the second or third factor in so-called “two-factor” or “three-factor” authentication. Instead of just knowing a password to get into a system or a device, you have to have something (say a keyfob) and increasingly have to be someone – and be able to prove it with a uniquely measurable aspect, such as a fingerprint.

Fingerprints have been used for identification for a hundred years, and other methods have all emerged as science has revealed them (DNA), or as our technology has gained the ability to distinguish one person’s voice or iris from another’s.

Luckily, we make no attempt to identify you in our biometric quiz, so your success or failure will only be known to those you choose to tell…

Try the quiz!

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