Poll: Who Should Take Ballmer’s Place At Microsoft?

Don’t leave it to the Microsoft board! Have your say here on who should succeed Steve Ballmer in the Microsoft corner office

Microsoft will have to decide on a new CEO sometime in the next several months, since Steve Ballmer announced he will be retiring. But why should the software giant have all the fun in choosing a replacement for the ebullient leader?

Our poll lets you choose your favourite to succeed in one of the hottest seats in the tech industry – only one step removed from the great Bill Gates, in the order of succession.

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Nokia boss Elop, or someone else?

The bookies’ favourite so far is Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, and a former Microsoft executive. Early scores on our poll suggest a fondness for Ray Ozzie, the one-time Microsoft CEO who was once seen as a successor to the CEO slot, before he left the company.

And of course, remembering the examples of Michael Dell and Steve Jobs, the industry has seen many a CEO return to their home company to pull it out of a hole. Could the current parlous situation be enough of a challenge to tempt Bill Gates back into the Microsoft office?

There are a few complete outsiders in the frame – including Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg – and there are plenty of internal candidates. How about London-born boffin Tony Bates (vice president of business strategy) and marketing supremo Tami Reller. Or hardwre leader Julie Larson-Green. And then there’s Satya Nadella, and Qi Lu, who both have plenty to recommend them.

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Who should replace Steve Ballmer as Microsoft CEO?

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