Poll: Will London 2012 Have An Olympic-Sized Impact On Your Business?


What effect will the London Olympics have on your business this summer

The Olympics is now only two weeks away and millions of people will flock to the city to see the world’s greatest athletes compete on the greatest stage on Earth.

However, for the majority of us, life goes on and business must be conducted in what could be a difficult environment to work in during the Olympic events.

The Show Must Go On

Increased strain on our road and rail networks mean that many will opt not to take their usual journey into the office and instead work from home, causing problems for those who have to deal with difficulties with remote workers.

Others may not even go into the office at all, either because they’ve been caught up in the transport chaos, or because they’ve gone to watch the games live or at the pub. Even those who turn up might be clogging up the network by watching streaming online sports feeds.

One of the biggest concerns about the Olympics is the strain it is going to place on the UK’s mobile infrastructure, causing the military to lend some of its spectrum to Ofcom during the games and for BT to create the world’s most extensive high-density Wi-Fi network in the world.

Which of these will affect you the most? Or will it be something entirely different? Or maybe nothing will get in the way of your enjoyment of what should be a fantastic summer of sport? Let us know by voting below!

What will be the biggest effect of the Olympics on your organisation?

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