Tech Quiz Of The Week: Microsoft

Microsoft is arguably the biggest name in IT. But what do you know about its history, it’s products and its people?

Microsoft is arguably the most important company in our industry and its recent renaissance under CEO Satya Nadella marks the latest evolution of the firm from Redmond.

Best known for Windows, Microsoft was firmly established when IBM used its operating system on the PC, opening millions of offices to waves of applications and systems software.

There can’t be a single person who has ever used a computer that hasn’t had an experience of Windows and Microsoft Office has been a business staple for years.

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MicrosoftSince then, the company has adapted – with varying degrees of success – to every major technology shift, from the growth of the Internet to the birth of the mobile.

However it missed the smartphone boat and its products were often maligned rather than celebrated. Under former CEO Steve Ballmer, Microsoft lost its way somewhat, as Google, Apple and others muscled into areas that had previously seen no challengers enter.

But under the stewardship of Nadella, the company is more open and arguably more innovative.

Office 365, Azure and Windows 10 mark a significant change in strategy and from the ashes of the spectacularly unsuccessful acquisition of Nokia, Microsoft is winning plaudits for its Surface hardware.

Partnerships and openness have replaced proprietary and insular.

But what do you know about the history of the firm that Bill Gates founded?

Find out with our quiz!

Microsoft Surface Studio

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