Nokia 130 Offers Video And Music Playback For £15

Nokia releases a new entry-level handset with long-lasting battery life

Microsoft-owned Nokia has announced details of what it claims to be the most affordable mobile phone with a video and music player ever to be released, at a price of just €19 (£15.15).

The 1.8-inch Nokia 130 promises up to 16 hours of video playback and 46 hours of MP3 playback, with movies and music loaded onto the device using a MicroSD card with a capacity of up to 32GB.

Nokia 130

Nokia-130-share-via-Bluetooth-jpgAlso included are a built-in flashlight and FM Radio, with the device available in single and dual-SIM variants. The former offers 36 days of battery life on standby and the latter 26 hours, with both versions capable of 13 hours talk time.

The Nokia 130 is the latest in a line of incredibly cheap entry-level feature phones that form part of a strategy that predates the Finnish manufacturer’s acquisition by Microsoft – getting the “next billion” potential Web users online.

This aim has been complemented by the Symbian-based Asha range and the short-lived Nokia X line, which used a forked version of Android in order to make Nokia devices more attractive to developing markets and encourage the spread of Microsoft services like Skype, Bing and OneDrive.

However the Nokia X project was canned last month, with Microsoft putting all of its eggs in one Windows Phone basket. Mid-range Nokia Lumia devices have enjoyed some success and have boosted Windows Phone’s market share in Europe, particularly in the UK, while a new flagship, the Nokia Lumia 930 has also just been released.

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Nokia 130

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Nokia 130