Next-Gen Chip Technology On Show At March Event

IBM, Samsung and GlobalFoundries will showcase next-generation chips at the Common Platform Technology Forum in March

IBM, Samsung Electronics, and GlobalFoundries will preview future silicon technology at the 2012 Common Platform Technology Forum to be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on 14 March.

The companies are the founders of the Common Platform technology collaboration, which is the world’s largest chip-making consortium, IBM officials said. At the upcoming forum, the companies will address next-generation semiconductor innovation covering topics such as 28-, 20- and 14-nanometer processes, as well as innovations beyond 14nm and 450mm wafer manufacturing.

Big plans for small devices

These technologies are being jointly developed by the Common Platform companies – including more than 20 additional members – to power the majority of the world’s mobile devices and consumer electronics, IBM said

“The Common Platform alliance is built on an unmatched legacy of invention and deep commitment to research and development from IBM,” said Michael Cadigan, general manager of IBM’s microelectronics division, in a statement.

“The expertise of the companies is driving breakthrough technology innovations for semiconductor manufacturing. Our extensive and open ecosystem, focused on core manufacturing capabilities, gives our customers a flexible way to bring a wide range of semiconductor products to market,” he added.

The Common Platform Technology Forum will include keynotes from industry leaders and presentations from senior members of the Common Platform partners’ management and technical teams. The forum will focus on collaboration for technology delivery, highlighting the rich and broad ecosystem of design enablement and implementation partners through a Partner Pavilion featuring leading EDA, IP, library, mask, packaging and design services companies.

Each of the three founding companies brings a unique contribution to the collaboration. IBM and GlobalFoundries conceptualised the technology at 90 nm. Samsung joined as the collaboration became formalised and expanded for 65 nm and 45 nm. The three companies are listed in marketing materials in order that they came to participate: IBM, GlobalFoundries and Samsung.

A FAQ on the Common Platform alliance site says the Common Platform technology enables a single design to be multi–sourced so that customers receive the benefits of:

  • Collective innovation and access to application–ready, leading–edge process technologies
  • Capacity that is synchronised across fabs
  • Sourcing flexibility and choice for single design, multi–fab engagements
  • Quality assurance
  • Faster ramp support with risk mitigation for high–volume applications
  • Insurance against the risk of expensive redesign or manufacturing disruption

Registration for the complimentary, one-day forum at the Santa Clara Convention Center has opened.