NetMediaEurope Expands Into Portugal, Brazil With B!T Acquisition

brazil sao paolo cristo redentor telefonica © Mark Schwettmann shutterstock_73059592

TechWeekEurope gets a partner publication in Latin America

NetMediaEurope, the international IT media publisher which owns TechWeekEurope, has acquired B!T, a technology news website focused on Portuguese and Brazilian markets.

This means our readers can expect better coverage of Latin American markets and occasional contributions from our colleagues in Lisbon.


Founded in 2007, NetMediaEurope already owns publications in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain that attract more than 12 million unique readers every month. It manages local versions of media brands such as Gizmodo, CNET and ZDNet, along with more B2B-focused TechWeek, Silicon, ITespresso and ChannelBiz. It is the only online B2B publisher with such a large European footprint.

B!TNetMediaEurope has been looking at the Latin American market for a number of years through its Spanish office, and has finally found an IT publication that shares its values to extend that Portuguese-speaking Brazil. Just like TechWeekEurope, B!T covers all the key IT topics including software, infrastructure, the cloud, mobile technologies and security.

The company, headquartered in Lisbon, was created by a group of journalists in 1998 and has been providing in-depth coverage of the enterprise market ever since. It operates two websites – serves the audiences in Portugal, while is run from Europe, but employs local reporters in Brazil.

The two websites are now part of the NetMediaEurope family, and articles from B!T could soon appear in our Euro Story section.

“At present, NetMediaEurope’s presence in Latin America (LATAM) has already been growing significantly thanks to our Spanish websites. LATAM is an important market, especially Brazil and we recognised the importance of the Portuguese language so we decided to incorporate it to our portfolio,” said Dominique Busso, CEO of NetMediaEurope.

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