Microsoft Enters Laptop Market With ‘Ultimate’ Surface Book

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Super thin, light and powerful, the Surface Book is Microsoft’s first ever homemade laptop

Microsoft is releasing its first ever laptop in the form of the Surface Book – a hugely powerful 13 inch hybrid device that the company says is the most powerful laptop ever made in its size, and is twice as powerful as Apple’s MacBook Pro.

Featuring a 12-hour battery life, detachable screen and the company’s first-ever hinged design, the Surface Book was described as “the ultimate laptop,” by Microsoft’s Panos Panay at an event in New York.

“It redefines everything that you can think of in a laptop.”

All change

surface bookWeighing in at just 725g and measuring 7.7m across, the Surface Book will be powered by Intel’s latest Core i5 and i7 processors, GDRR5 memory and an Nvidia GeForce GPU, and of course feature full Windows 10 capability.

On-stage demos showing off how the device will work with some of the most popular programs in Office 2016

The 13.5 inch screen packs a 267ppi resolution, meaning there is a total of six million pixels on screen, giving you a brighter and more colourful experience when watching films or playing games.

As well as featuring touch and stylus input (with the latter including the new generation of the Surface Pen), the Surface Book also comes with an all-new ‘dynamic fulcrum hinge’ design that allows the user to hold the device like a clipboard, bringing extra portability to what will doubtlessly be a commonplace work device.

Hardware focus

However the screen also detaches, meaning it can be carried around much like the new Surface Pro 4, with Panay showing how it can be used to sketch, take notes and use new programs such as Microsoft Edge.

“With the future of Microsoft and its new subscription based business model depending heavily on Windows 10, Microsoft must be encouraged by how many devices have been updated so far. Windows 10 also seems to be getting a far more positive reception from consumers that the ill-fated Windows 8,” said Geoff Blaber, analyst at CCS Insight. “The challenge now is to build on this positive momentum.

“Surface Book proves that innovation in personal computing is not just confined to Apple’s Cupertino campus. This is a highly innovative, flagship device that will act as a much needed halo product for Windows 10 and the broader PC market.

“Microsoft should be applauded for its efforts with Surface. When the first device was announced in June 2012 it was derided as a vanity project that would scare off PC makers. In fact it has injected a new wave of innovation into the embattled PC sector and has acted as a halo devices for the so-called two-in-one category.”

Available to pre-order from October 7, the Surface Book will initially cost $1,499 (£984) and will go on public sale on October 26.

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