Microsoft President Confirms Windows 9 Will Be Free Upgrade


Latest version of Windows OS set for unveiling this week

More details have been uncovered about the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows software, which is set to be revealed to the world within the next few days.

Ahead of a media event tomorrow, at which the company is expected to unveil the newest Windows, an interview with a senior Microsoft executive has revealed further details on the new release.

Speaking to Indonesian news site, Andreas Diantoro, the president of Microsoft Indonesia, confirmed that Windows 9 will be a free upgrade for all Windows 8 users.

Microsoft headquarters cloud © Peteri shutterstockFree and easy

According to Diantoro, the new software will be available as a free download, much like the company’s last release, Windows 8.1, which was a free update provided to Windows 8 and Windows RT users through the Windows Store.

This is also similar to how Apple provides users with updates to its Mac OS software, where users are able to quickly and easily install following a free download.

Diantoro did not reveal whether Windows 9 will be free to users of earlier Windows versions, such as Windows 7 or Vista. However, a free upgrade for all users would make sense as it would allow Microsoft to update as many of its users as possible to the latest version.

Codenamed Threshold, but probably more likely to be named Windows 9, the new operating system should prove to be one of the most important releases in Microsoft’s recent history. It is expected to include several new features as Microsoft looks to unify its ecosystem across PC, mobile and Xbox gaming platforms, including the company’s digital assistant Cortana, powered by Bing’s search technology.

Leaks earlier this month appeared to show that Wi-Fi Sense (a program to make it easier to automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks) and Storage Sense (which monitors what files your store on your drive to help avoid capacity overload) could also make it into Windows 9.

We should find out more at the company’s media event tomorrow.

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