Malware Disguised As Fake GTA 5 Downloads Spreading Fast

Sites offering free GTA 5 downloads are spreading across the globe and leading to malware

Cyber criminals have jumped on the hysteria surrounding GTA 5, shoving out fake serial downloads promising access to the record-breaking game for free, but actually shoving malware on people’s machines.

A host of fake websites have appeared across the world in recent days, originally crafted in English. The malware writers have used IP detection to change the language of the site, depending on what country the target’s machine is based in.

Fake GTA 5Exploiting GTA 5 hysteria

Researchers at Bitdefender Labs also found an interesting case in France, where scam sites were offering free security scans, whilst others pushed out other fake offers of Facebook customisation and Starbucks gift cards.

After being bombarded by such offers, the users can find their way through to the supposed serial number for GTA 5, which was released on 17 September and became the fastest-selling game to ever hit the UK market. In the end, they get nothing other than a thank-you message.

In another case, keylogging and data theft malware was downloaded onto users’ machines. Bitdefender researchers had already discovered users were getting infected when trying to download free GTA kits on torrents and peer-to-peer networks.

“Users are advised to disregard GTA copies “accidentally” leaked on the Internet, as they are probably fake, leading to fraudulent or malicious websites,” the researcher said in a blog post.

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