Le Web 2012 (Video): Riding The Wave Of Social Advertising

An interview with Ebuzzing from this summer’s entrepreneur conference

Remember the London Le Web 2012 event in June? TechWeekEurope has discovered even more previously unseen content from the start-up conference, including an interview with Frederic Montagnon, the Chief Strategy Officer at Ebuzzing – the pan-European company which specialises in social video advertising.

Montagnon is very enthusiastic about his job, and why wouldn’t he be? The company is expanding rapidly, profits are through the roof, and its OverBlog platform has recently seen a successful launch in the US.

The way of the future

Ebuzzing publishes branded content through Social Media, reaching an international audience of over 800 million unique visitors per month. Its network is comprised of social publishers, including 40,000 influential blogs, specialised social networks, Facebook applications, social games and mobile applications.

The company runs social media campaigns for over 2,000 clients using solutions such as Sponsored Conversations, Social Video Advertising and Facebook Fan Recruitment.

Ebuzzing has one of its offices in London, and Montagnon says that the market here is more similar to the US than the rest of Europe. You can see  him talking about the success of the company, the particularities of the British market and why Le Web is the place to be in the video below.



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