Games Giant Konami Warns 35,000 Accounts Hacked

Konami - Shutterstock - © Barone Firenze

Konami becomes the third major games company to report a serious hack in just a month

Games maker Konami has warned customers 35,252 accounts were hijacked over the past month, just days after Nintendo reported a massive breach of one of its websites.

The firm, which makes notable games including Pro Evolution Soccer and Metal Gear Solid, said the unauthorised logins occurred on its Konami ID portal site between 13 June and 7 July. Konami IDs are used to manage logins for all online services provided by the company.

Metal Gear Solid

Konami cracked

The hackers had access to a range of personal data, including name, address, date of birth, telephone number and email address.

It claimed there were almost 4 million attempts to hack accounts during the period.

Passwords and IDs were leaked from an external service provider, the games company said.

“No changes to customers’ personal information, or unauthorised usage of paid services, have been detected,” Konami noted.

“Measures have been taken to ensure that IDs and passwords involved in these unauthorised logins can no longer be used to log in, and affected customers have been notified by email.”

Late last week, Nintendo warned warned users in Japan one of its sites had been targeted by 15.46 million fraudulent login attempts from 9 June through to 4 July, 23,926 of which were successful.

This month also saw Ubisoft get hacked for the second time in 2013, with as many as 58 million affected.

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