Juniper Networks Joins Eclipse Foundation

Networking firm announces its membership of open source Eclipse Foundation with Junos access

At the EclipseCon 2011 conference, Juniper Networks announced that it has joined the Eclipse Foundation.

At EclipseCon 2011 in California US, Juniper announced its participation in the Eclipse Foundation, a leading open source community made up of millions of users focused on building an open development platform and cultivating an open source community and ecosystem of complementary products and services.

Opening development ecosystem

Juniper executives said joining the Eclipse Foundation can further extend open development capabilities to Juniper’s ecosystem of software developers building applications on the company’s Junos software products, many of whom already use the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE).

Eclipse developers can benefit from the opportunity to quickly create and introduce new applications using the Junos and Junos Space software development kits (SDKs). Juniper said it is committed to building products and solutions for developers to more easily access previously unavailable data at the network level. By building solutions with Junos products, developers can now create better insight into networks as data is exposed through APIs for application development, it added.

“In joining the Eclipse Foundation, Juniper Networks can provide its customers and partners with a richer development environment for creating applications to optimise their network assets and create new revenue opportunities while reducing cost, complexity and time,” stated Mike Harding, vice president of the Junos Space business unit at Juniper. “Eclipse is an elite organisation and this is a great opportunity to bring faster productivity to new Junos software solutions.”

Familiar Eclipse environment

The Junos Space SDK provides a RESTful, web services-based application programming interface (API), and a set of tools to create, test, simulate and deploy network applications. In joining the Eclipse Foundation, Juniper Networks developers can benefit from a familiar open source environment and the Eclipse IDE. In addition, the new partnership facilitates building and extending relationships with Eclipse members to create synergy in the networking and open source space, and provide better tools and products to customers.

“Juniper Networks understands that open development platforms are critical to networking software,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of Eclipse, in a statement. “We are excited to add Juniper to our growing roster of members. As a member of the Eclipse Foundation, Juniper will provide the tools and frameworks needed by the Eclipse ecosystem to build Junos-based solutions.”

More information on the Junos Space SDK, as well as a link to download it, is available on the Juniper Networks website.