Jolla Announces First Sailfish Smartphone, Due To Ship In 2013

The device features a 4.5-inch screen, 4G connectivity, costs just €399 and comes with a brand new OS

Jolla, the Finnish start-up that took over Nokia’s MeeGo Linux-based mobile OS and rebranded it as Sailfish, has announced its first smartphone – the €399 device, at the moment simply known as ‘Jolla’.

The smartphone features a 4.5-inch display and 4G connectivity. It consists of two colourful ‘halves’ – the core with all the electronics, and the outer case. Software linked to the outer case is able to change fonts, tones, profiles and even functionality of the device based on the colour and design of the ‘other half’.

Jolla is already available for pre-order, and is due to start shipping in Europe by the end of 2013.

The other half

Jolla (the company) was founded by former Nokia engineers, after the promising MeeGo project was abandoned in favour of Windows Phone. It resurrected the OS as Sailfish, the Linux-based mobile operating system with interface based on gestures, compatible with Android apps.

Jolla SideThe first smartphone running Sailfish features a 4.5-inch Estrade display, a yet unnamed dual-core chip and an eight megapixel camera. Even though the design abandons hardware buttons, Jolla says that does not prevent the phone from being operated using blind touch.

Being true to Jolla’s ethical mission statement, the device includes a replaceable battery, as opposed to the glued-in designs favoured by Apple. It comes with 16 GB of memory onboard, expandable through a microSD card slot.

Jolla has also announced a number of pre-order bonuses for its supporters. For an additional €40, customers will receive priority status, a limited edition smartphone and a Jolla t-shirt. In case the additional contribution is increased to €100, they will also receive an exclusive Other Half, and a voucher for €100 that will be deducted from the price of the smartphone at the time of purchase.

“As Jolla is all about creativity, contribution and participation, we’d like to invite you co-create Jolla even further with us: we will ask for your feedback to make the first Jolla device perfect – what colours you like, what apps should be included, what content excites you,” wrote Jolla co-founder Marc Dillon.

“We also invite you to spread the message and Love of the movement: if you are developer, start to make apps; if you are blogger, write about us; if you are a designer, design new styles for Jolla; spread the word, invite more friends, start new communities. Join the tribe.”

Earlier this year, TechWeekEurope readers voted for Sailfish as the most interesting “alternative” mobile OS.

Below, you can see the first images of the device:

First Jolla Smartphone

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Images of the first Jolla smartphone

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