John McAfee Dead – Or Not

The anti-virus anti-hero is not dead. In fact, he is as lively as ever

John McAfee is not dead, despite reports claiming the man accused of killing his neighbour in Belize had himself passed away.

McAfee posted a strange tweet yesterday, which read: “I felt fine when I went to bed last night. I had such great plans. ‘RIP John McAfee’”. He then linked to an Indymedia Ireland page, which has now been removed, that claimed he had died from an overdose.

John McAfee 2John McAfee alive

Later, McAfee posted a picture of himself with two fierce looking dogs, with what looked like gold bars in the background. He tweeted: “For those wondering if im [sic] dead the answer is… ‘The Media is killing me, but somehow im [sic] still tweeting’.”

It marks another strange twist in the saga of the anti-virus anti-hero, which will no doubt provide more material for the documentary ‘Who Is McAfee’ and the biopic ‘John McAfee: Running in the Background’ (working title).

After McAfee was accused of murdering  Gregory Faull, he escaped Belize, ending up in hospital in Guatemala for a supposed heart attack.

He then turned up in America, where he is now based. In a brief phone call with TechWeekEurope, McAfee recently said he was staying put in Portland, Oregon, having briefly visited Canada.

He had not responded to a request for comment at the time of publication.

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