IT Life: Intel’s Stuart Dommett

intel stuart dommett

Working for Intel has provided some thrills for Stuart Dommett

It’s no surprise to find Intel co-founder Robert Noyce is a tech hero for Stuart Dommett. As a long-serving industry veteran, he’s seen the fruits of Noyce’s invention of the integrated circuit.

robert noyce intelWhat are his career landmarks? Ten years ago he was blown away by the idea of built in Wi-Fi, when Centrino laptops no longer required dongles. When that happened, Dommett persuaded Intel to install one of its first Wi-Fi hotspots in its British headquarters – and hasn’t looked back since.

Signal to Noyce

But the pinnacle of his career will surprise you. It involves a network protocol you have probably not used or even heard of. And Stuart was using it while Charles and Diana were still married.

And Dommett’s favourite technology of all time. It’s not a computer  or a network at all. But it’s fast.

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