Apple Set For iPhone Reveal On 10 September – Report

Apple could reveal a cheaper iPhone alongside the next model of its flagship smartphone next month

Apple will unveil the next version of the iPhone on 10 September, possibly alongside a cheaper model of its flagship smartphone, according to AllThingsD.

While any announcement is pure speculation at this point it would fit within the pattern of previous iPhone debuts. The iPhone 5 was revealed in September last year, while the iPhone 4S was shown off the first time in October 2011.

It has been suggested the new iPhone will feature an enhanced camera and processor, along with a fingerprint sensor.

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iphone maps featuredIt is likely that both smartphones would be released alongside iOS 7, the version of the mobile operating system that was unveiled by Apple in June and is now in text. It features an overhauled user interface with an improved notifications system and additional developer capabilities.

A cheaper model would be the start of a brand new product line and mark a significant change in direction. Apple has so far resisted calls to release a mid-range smartphone, fearing such a device would affect the significant profit margins it makes on the iPhone.

Instead, it offers its older models on a discounted basis to those looking for a cheaper alternative, a strategy that has seen it enjoy some success with first time smartphone buyers, especially in the UK.

However its share of the global smartphone market is shrinking due to competition from mid-range Android and Windows Phone handsets, while a number of other operating systems preparing to launch later this year are targeting emerging markets.

Apple will hope the smartphones appease shareholders concerned about the company’s sliding share price and who doubt Apple’s continued ability to innovate. Apple is widely believed to be working on a smartwatch dubbed the iWatch, but it is believed the project is in no position to be unveiled just yet.

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