IP Expo: Jarno Limnell – “We Should Forget About Edward Snowden”

Jarno Limnell, director of Cyber Security at Stonesoft, talks about Edward Snowden, business security and cyber warfare

Missed IP Expo? Not to worry, TechWeekEurope has attended the UK’s largest enterprise IT event, to bring some of the announcements right to your screen.

Security, hacker © cristovao Shutterstock 2012In the video below, Jarno Linnell from Stonesoft, a network firewall developer recently acquired by McAfee, talks about the impact of revelations by Edward Snowden.

Jarno, who presented a keynote at the event, believes that media obsession with the whistleblower has obscured the true meaning of NSA’s security work. He says that today, 100 percent security is impossible, and warns that many organisations already have the will to attack civilian population through cyberspace. All they are missing are the means.



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