Intel Unveils The Chip To Power Your Next PC


IFA 2015: 6th generation of Intel Core family is tooled up to support super-slim and powerful Windows 10 devices

Intel has taken the wraps off its next generation Core chips that it hopes will power your next computer.

Described by the company as its ‘best processor ever’, and marking “a turning point in people’s relationship with computers” the company’s sixth generation Core chip, built on Intel’s 14nm (nanometre) technology, aims to be the hardware that pushes consumers away from tablets and towards super-slim and light future PC devices.

Intel says the new chips will be able to power devices that are up to half as thin and half the weight of PCs currently on the market, and will support a broad range of device designs – including ultra-mobile compute stick, to 2 in 1s and huge high-definition All-in-One desktops, to new mobile workstations, with the first devices powered by the processors appearing in the next few months.

Power up

6th_Gen_Intel_Core_die_flat_1000Hopes have been high surrounding the Skylake processors following Intel’s initial reveal of the chip’s gaming prowess last month, with today’s announcement coming at the IFA 2105 technology show in Berlin.

The company says it is planning the release of at least 48 processors in the 6th Generation Core family, and is planning device releases with manufacturers based all over the world.

And as well as the weight and thickness benefits, Intel says that the 6th Generation Core processors deliver up to 2.5 times better performance, triple the battery life, and graphics that are 30 times better than the average five-year-old computer, allowing for seamless and smooth gaming and video experiences, including a much better grasp of 4K video.

The new chips are also tailored towards powering devices running Windows 10, with Intel keen to show off that its technology helps optimise some of the key apps in Microsoft’s latest software. This includes implementation that helps boost performance of features such as Cortana and facial recognition tool Windows Hello, with the facial recognition service being optimised for use with Intel’s RealSense camera.

This new generation of Intel processors also includes several firsts for mobile designs: a mobile ‘K’ SKU that is unlocked to enable overclocking with even more user control, a new quad-core Intel Core i5 processor that offers up to 60 percent improved mobile multitasking, and the Intel Xeon E3 processor family now powering mobile workstations.

“6th Gen Intel Core processors deliver some of the most significant advancements in computing that we’ve ever seen,” said Kirk Skaugen, Intel senior vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Group.

“New 6th Gen Intel Core-based systems are more responsive than ever with enhanced performance, battery life and security. And they can enable amazing new PC experiences like logging into your computer with your face and having a personal assistant respond to your voice. The combination of 6th Gen Intel Core processors, Windows 10 and beautiful new systems from PC manufacturers make this the best time ever to buy a new computer.”

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