iOS 7.0.2 Users Complain of iMessage Disruption

Apple is apparently working on a fix to iMessage glitch

A number of iPhone users are complaining of a problem with the iMessage service that is preventing messages from being sent after upgrading to iOS 7.0.2, which was released last week.

The software update fixed a security flaw that allowed just about anyone to access a number of iPhone applications by carrying out a few commands from the lock screen, but it could also have introduced a glitch to iMessage.

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iMessage iOS 7 faults

The most common complaint is that iMessage confirms that a message has been sent, only for it to later notify the user that it has not.

The simplest solution to the problem discovered by users is to either restart the iPhone or to disable iMessage, restart network settings, and turn iMessage back on.

Apple acknowledged that some users were having difficulties with iMessage on Monday 30 September, but has now apparently confirmed it is working on another update to iOS that should rectify the fault.

iOS 7 was released as a free update to compatible iPhone and iPad devices last month and is the most significant update to the mobile operating system since it debuted with the original iPhone back in 2007.

It offers a brand new user interface, improved apps, a new control centre and enhanced notifications, alongside a host of other improvements to the platform. However, some users have complained it drains their battery life, doesn’t display certain typed letters on the screen and has created problems with Siri.

No fix is expected to repair iPhones destroyed by those who believed a fake rumour that iOS 7 made all existing iPhone’s waterproof.

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