HTC One Mini Back On Sale Despite Nokia Ban

The HTC One Mini can still be sold despite using chips which infringe a Nokia patent

The HTC One Mini is back on sale in the UK, after an appeal court overturned an earlier decision to ban it over alleged infringement of Nokia patents.

Last week, the high Court had ruled that HTC’s One and One Mini phones used Qualcomm and Broadcom chips that infringed patents held by Nokia. The court allowed the HTC One to remain on sale pending an appeal, owing to its importance in struggling HTC’s efforts for a turnaround – and because it was made while HTC was unaware of the infringement. Now the Mini has won a stay of execution, while HTC appeals the bans – and is also challenging the validity of the original Nokia patent.

HTCOnelogo-660x422-640x409HTC One Mini ban binned

Courts have ruled that HTC’s One and One Mini phones both infringed a 1988 Nokia patent for the design of a modulator through their use of third party chips. Although Nokia has agreed not to sue the chipmakers themselves, that agreement does not apply to those using the chips in other devices.

HTC has said it is working on other solutions with its chipmaking partners, and hopes to keep the phones available in the UK.

In a statement, it said: “HTC is delighted that the Court of Appeal has granted a stay on the injunction against our products. We will immediately resume shipment of all of our devices into the UK, including the entire HTC One family.”

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