Google Glass Job Advert Suggests Project Isn’t Dead


Job posting for new role reveals all is not lost yet for Google Glass

Rumours of Google Glass’ demise appear to have been greatly exaggerated, as a new job posting has revealed Google still has big plans for its headset device.

The search giant has posted a vacancy advert looking to recruit an Advanced Technology Manufacturing Engineer, FATP, with those initials standing for Final Assembly, Test and Pack.

The ideal candidate, who will be based at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, is expected to have a strong engineering and design background, and will work closely with the product design and quality & reliability teams within Google, according to the posting.


Google GlassAmong some of the other “preferred qualifications” for the job are “experience in multiple consumer product launches in a fast pace production ramping environment,” and “strong manufacturing background in developing processes to scale new products, including mechanical fixture designs, with process controls in mind in a rapid schedule.”

The posting follows a series of announcements from Google which had been thought to signal that Glass’ days were numbered.

It emerged last week that Chris O’Neill, the former business head for the project, had left the division responsible for Glass, with Nest boss Tony Fadell taking over responsibility alongside designer Ivy Ross.

This followed an announcement in January from Google saying that it was ending the beta programme and would stop selling the wearing devices in its present form to consumers, although the $1,500 device is still available to business customers. These include Tesco, Virgin Atlantic, Edinburgh Airport and even the Dubai police force, all of which have piloted programs using Google Glass.

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