Google Looks To Make Surfing The Web A Little Brighter For Colour Blindness Sufferers

Chrome extension makes it easier for those with sight impairments to experience the web

Google has launched a new extension for its Chrome browser which it says will help people with visual problems better experience the Internet.

Colour Enhancer is able to adjust the colours seen in a browser to help those with partial colour blindness see the display better.

The free extension, built by Google’s Accessibility Team, is available to download now from the Chrome web store.

google chrome colour blind extensionsColourful

The extension requires a basic calibration  process (pictured left), to identify which colours or shades the user has difficulty with, and then applies to any page visited from then on.

Google says this will help both web users who struggle to visualise some colours, but also benefit web designers to ensure the details on their sites aren’t missed.

Those who have trouble distinguishing red from green or yellow from grey will benefit the most, the company says.

Google has worked hard to guarantee Chrome is used by as many customers as possible to ensure it maintains a lead in the Internet browser market.

Last week, the company announced an extension that it says enhances security for Google accounts by protecting user passwords and other personal info from hackers.

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