Google Prepares Chrome Developer Summit

An upcoming two-day event at Google’s California headquarters will focus on new web APIs and performance tweaks for Chrome applications

Google will hold a two-day Chrome Dev Summit in November where Chrome developers can come to get the latest information on new APIs, performance enhancements and more to continue to improve and expand their Chrome apps development.

The Summit, which will be held from 20 to 21 November at Google’s Mountain View, California headquarters, was announced in a 13 August post on the Google Chrome Developers Google+ page.

Performance tips

“Join Chrome engineers and other leading developers for a two-day exploration of new web APIs, multi-device workflows, performance tips and the guts of Blink,” states the post.

chrome-logo-300x300“Chrome Dev Summit is a great opportunity to rub elbows with fellow web developers, Chrome engineers, and Chrome Project Managers,” according to the Summit’s website. “This is a limited-space event, and we know not everyone can travel. In order to provide the widest access to the content, we’ll stream the presentations live and post to YouTube afterwards.”

Registration for the event has not yet opened, but Chrome developers who want to give their input on sessions at the conference can offer their suggestions through a brief online survey that has been set up to plan the event. The questionnaire asks developers whether they work on front ends, back ends, full stacks, standards or specialised development, while also seeking input on the kinds of content they would be interested in hearing about at the Summit, including mobile, tools, languages, web components, Chrome apps and more. The survey also asks which web browsers developers are developing for, as well as information about their favorite APIs, open-source projects and challenges they are facing with their projects.

The Summit event is being planned as a way for developers to connect with Chrome engineers to improve application performance, learn techniques for building applications for multiple devices, enhance productivity with tested workflows and explore the implementations of APIs in Chrome, according to the Summit’s website.

Topics at the Summit so far are expected to include sessions about “Laughing in the face of dropped network connections”, “Optimising the performance across GPU, CPU, and network”, “Maintaining and scaling your code”, “Jank busting and smooth scrolling”, “Designing UX patterns for mobile web apps”, “Making friends with screens of all sizes”, “Directing the evolution of the web”, “Living in a declarative world with web Components” and “Working smarter not harder with better workflow and tools”. A full schedule of sessions and workshops will be announced in the future, according to the site.

Focused talks

The Summit will feature a single track with short, focused talks, collaborative discussions, engineer-led clinics, Birds-of-a-Feather meetings and more, according to organisers.

A Twitter page has also been set up for the event to allow developers to keep abreast of the conference.

In May, Google held its annual Google I/O 2013 Developers Conference, which is the company’s most-awaited overall developers conference each year. The big announcements at I/O 2013 weren’t as breathtaking as those at the 2012 conference, where Google unveiled Google Glass, but the 2013 event did include a first-ever Google Play subscription music streaming service, new Google Play game saving and sharing services, new APIs for Android that allow developers to create apps that can be restricted to specific locations, and developer tools that will help them improve the sales and marketing of their apps for Android.

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Originally published on eWeek.