Facebook Graph Search Now Includes All Public Posts

Users can dive deeper into all public posts on the social network

Facebook has announced its search feature will now include all public posts and updates, meaning users and advertisers can delve deeper into member activity.

The company is hoping to avoid any ire from the privacy conscious over its Graph Search update, as only content that has been shared publicly can be searched for.

zuckerberg facebook © Kobby Dagan ShutterstockThat does include “posts shared publicly by people you are not friends with”, Facebook noted, indicating its search can now go rather deeper than before.

Facebook Graph Search going deep

It is only rolling out to a small group of those who have Graph Search and users should review their privacy setting to ensure they don’t over-share.

“Now you will be able to search for status updates, photo captions, check-ins and comments to find things shared with you,” the company said in a blog post.

Facebook and Google are doing battle in the social search arena. The latter just launched its most significant update in years with Hummingbird, which tweaked the algorithm to help with more complex searches, such as ones with a conversational syntax looking for more personal results.

Facebook’s Graph Search was only rolled out to a select few at the start of the year, as Facebook takes a tentative approach rather than the “move fast and break things” strategy it has become  famous for.

Both companies remain under the watchful glare of privacy regulators around the world.

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