Facebook At Work Trials Start Today


Facebook brings forth LinkedIn, Yammer, and Slack social enterprise competitor

Facebook has launched its enterprise service to select trial partners today, called Facebook at Work.

Hoping to wrestle with services such as LinkedIn and Yammer in the business space, Facebook at Work is a closed social network that will display profiles, news feeds and photos in an environment that will help with networking with colleagues and competitors at an enterprise level.

One major difference is that users will be ecouraged to follow their coworkers rather than friend them, much like Twitter.

Is Facebook too late?

facebookLinkedIn itself announced yesterday that it will be creating a product specifically for co-workers to communicate with, showing that Facebook may be late to the enterprise game, its model of a how a business social network should look is putting pressure on the rivals.

The service will be available as apps on both iOS and Android, but it is not yet clear how it will be priced. Facebook has already said that the service will be ad-free.

Facebook says that the full product will go public later this year, but it has been working on it for a long time already. The platform looks almost identical to the actual Facebook, but there is a different colour scheme.

Slack, which was launched in 2013 by co-founders of Yahoo who departed the company in 2008, hasn’t fared too well in the market. One aspect which might give Facebook at Work a boost is that many employees already spent a lot of their working days on Facebook anyway, so why not try and capitalise on that?

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