Everything Everywhere Initiates £50m Customer Service Overhaul

EE will create mobile OS specialists at new development academy

Everything Everywhere is set to invest £50 million into its stores and customer service operations, including a new development academy designed to train its 12,000 employees.

The overhaul of the customer service programme aims to create highly trained agents who specialise in particular mobile operating systems.

Graduation day

Initially, the company’s 7,000 employees will receive training at the newly launched development academy, with all high street and customer-facing staff receiving guidance by the end of the year. Staff enrolled at the academy will learn how to create loyalty as well as improve their communication and engagement skills.

The aim is to prevent the need to transfer customers between different departments and the programme follows successful trials which showed “dramatic improvements” in the resolution of issues at the first point of contact as well as customer service quality measurements.

“It is our goal to create the best customer experience in the UK so that customers can trust us with their digital lives,” said Jackie O’Leary, chief customer officer at Everything Everywhere. “This new service approach responds directly to how our customers are now using their devices, the service they expect and how our people look after them. Being the first in the industry to champion something new is exciting and we are extremely pleased by the amazing feedback we are receiving from our customers, our people and the handset manufacturers and operating systems we represent.”

Everything Everywhere has also announced it will be upgrading its retail outlets as part of its plans to sell both Orange and T-Mobile products from the same store.

Further integration between the two brands was demonstrated last week by the completion of the Smart Signal project which allows seamless sharing of both 3G networks. The process, which began last year, is part of a wider £1.5 billion investment into the Everything Everywhere network.

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