EE Offers £8m Petabyte 4G Bundle To Businesses

EE announces range of super bundles for data-intensive businesses

EE has announced a range of 4G ‘super bundles’, including the world’s first petabyte data package, which the operator says will offer data-intensive organisations increased flexibility and save them millions of pounds.

The bundles have been designed as a response to feedback from corporate and public sector organisations that want to expand their mobile data fleets, but are unsure how much data their users will consume in the medium term.

The data packages have no expiry date and no contract period, meaning use can be scaled up or down depending on demand, while businesses can add new SIM cards at any time.

EE business petabyte

EE 4G Southbank (3)EE is offering bundles of 50TB, 100TB, 200TB, 500TB and 1PB, with each gigabyte costing £8 per GB. The operator is targeting data intensive industries such as broadcasting, which traditionally rely on satellite uplinks, which it says are expensive and unreliable.

According to EE, satellite uplinks cost £20 per gigabyte and must be booked in advance, meaning that a broadcaster shifting to 4G and using the  £8 million petabyte package could save £12 million – although the customer would have to weigh up coverage and reliability issues.

EE says its recent announcements, including the rollout of LTE-Advanced in London, will help businesses cope with the anticipated growth in mobile data.

“British businesses are transforming the way they work with new 4G mobile technology, cloud computing and collaboration tools,” says Max Taylor, director of corporate business at EE. “In light of these trends and with LTE-Advanced at up to 300Mbps on the horizon, we forecast corporate data consumption will grow by 860 per cent over the next three years.

EE boasts

“Armed with more spectrum holding, and subsequently more network capacity than any other UK operator, we are introducing our Super Bundles for businesses that want to transform mobile working for their employees and need a simple, scalable solution.”

Earlier this week, EE CEO Olaf Swantee boasted of EE’s role in the development of 4G in the UK, calling the launch of its network a year ago as “a momentous occasion” for the country, which had been slipping behind the US and Asia in terms of LTE development.

He also pointed out to the fact that EE now had one million 4G subscribers as evidence that the UK has always been a market geared towards mobile, and says one in three SMBs is now choosing LTE when they sign up with the operator.

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