EE 4G Swap Scheme Lets Users Trade In Early For One-Off Fee

EE 4G says users can trade in for the latest smartphones just six months into their contract

EE will allow EE 4G, Orange and T-Mobile customers to swap their handset for one of the latest 4G smartphones if they are longer than six months into their present contract for a one-off payment.

The EE Swap scheme will be available in the operator’s retail stores from 17 September, meaning customers can get hold of a new smartphone on the very same day.

Anyone on an 18 or 24 month plan is eligible, but their device must be in good working order with no significant dents, scratches or cracks on the screen – something that might be unlikely after a year and a half of use.

EE 4G Swap

EE launches the UK’s first ever fleet of superfast 4G taxis in London and BirminghamThe fee paid is directly related to the user’s current tariff. For example, if they pay £36 a month, they will have to pay £249 and if they pay £51 a month, they will have stump up £49. The user will then start a fresh 24 month EE 4G tariff.

EE 4G already provides users with a 33 percent discount off their remaining contract charges if they want to upgrade to 4G early, while less than  45 days on their price plan can upgrade for free.

The operator is billing its latest initiative as a perfect opportunity for T-Mobile and Orange customers to upgrade to 4G, while allowing existing LTE customers the chance to get the latest hardware without having to wait until the expiration of their contract.

“With smartphone innovation moving at a relentless pace, we realise that some customers want to move to the latest handset at the earliest possible opportunity,” said Pippa Dunn, Chief Consumer Marketing Officer, EE. “That’s why we’ve introduced ‘Swap’ to sit alongside our existing upgrade offers – providing a new, simple and easily affordable option for pay monthly customers to move to the latest 4G smartphones.”

O2 and Vodafone have also introduced a range of early upgrade incentives to encourage their customers onto 4G plans. Both operators launched their 4G services last month, ten months after the EE 4G service went live.

The UK’s first 4G operator recently announced it has attracted one million LTE subscribers, with coverage extending to more than 100 UK towns and cities.

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