EE 4G Shared Plans Promise Savings For SMBs And Multi Device Users

EE promises families, businesses and multi-device users will save money with shared plans

EE 4G has revealed specific details about its shared plans for those with multiple devices or families wanting to consolidate various tariffs into one contract.

Shared plans were first announced last month, but little information had been made public until now.

Speaking at an event at London’s Southbank, EE chief marketing officer Pippa Dunn said shared plans were an acknowledgement of its customers’ demands for flexibility.

EE 4G shared plans

EE 4G Huawei RouterShe explained that up to five devices can be connected to one EE 4G plan and additional handsets can be added for £12 a month on a SIM-only basis or £22 if you want a brand new 4G phone. Alternatively you can add an existing tablet for £5 a month or £26 if a new tablet is required.

Dunn claimed that by pooling together various mobile contracts, families and multi-device users could save hundreds of pounds a year. It will also protect parents from bill shock if their children exceed their data allowance as ‘Lead sharers’ will be alerted if such an event occurs.

There will also be shared plans for SMBs, with four 24-month tariffs to choose from, ranging from 2GB for £25 a month to £50 for 32GB a month.

EE also announced that 12 cities would receive double speed 4G from 4 July and new customers signing up for the service between 17 July and 30 September will receive double data allowances.

The operator hopes that its new initiatives will encourage take up of its service before and after its competitors switch on their 4G networks later this year and allow it to reach its goal of having one million subscribers by the end of 2013.

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