China Telecom Launches CTExcelbiz Virtual Network In UK

Virtual network will target Chinese residents, students, tourists and business customers in UK

China Telecom has launched its CTExcelbiz virtual mobile network in the UK, marking the first time that a Chinese operator has launched a service outside its home country.

CTExcelbiz was first announced in January and will use Everything Everywhere’s UK network, paying the operator an undisclosed amount.

Tailored service

“We are very excited to launch the CTExcelbiz brand into the UK, and offer the Chinese population here services that have not been available to them before,” said Yan Ou, managing director of China Telecom (Europe). “With Transatel’s help, we have been able to get up and running very quickly, and we look forward to expanding our international relationship with Everything Everywhere to launch in other European markets over the coming months.”

The pay-as-you-go service is tailored to meet the specific requirements of the UK’s Chinese population and will target residents, tourists, students, and business customers. Users will be able to make unlimited free calls among themselves, with competitive bundles available online and in stores. Chinese language voicemail services are also provided, as are bilingual Chinese-English customer services.

“With increasing numbers of Chinese visitors to the UK, we will be rolling out innovative and targeted mobile services to our customers,” added Ou. “These will include the provision of a local Chinese number for friends and family to call; a chat application for customers to share content with each other; and an information service hotline in Chinese targeted at travellers to the UK, to name just a few.”

Everything Everywhere was selected because of the strength of its UK network and only yesterday the network announced that it had completed its signal sharing project, allowing customers to switch seamlessly between Orange and T-Mobile 3G signal.

“We’re delighted that CTExcelbiz has been readied for launch in just a few months,” said Marc Overton, vice president of wholesale and market to market (M2M) at Everything Everywhere. “China Telecom Europe has some exciting plans for this brand, and Everything Everywhere will ensure they have all the tools they need to provide their customers with the outstanding voice and mobile data capabilities you would expect from the UK’s largest mobile communications company.”

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