Check Point: Good Security Is About Discovering The Unknown

Gabi Reish from Check Point explains why traditional IT security solutions are becoming irrelevant

A decade ago, IT networks could be protected by a simple combination of frequent patches, firewalls and anti-virus products. In contrast, today network security is a battleground, with businesses facing rapidly evolving strains of malware, as well as brand new challenges including ‘hacktivism’ and government surveillance.

We asked Gabi Reish, VP of Product Management at Check Point, to tell us about the evolution of threats facing online companies.

Zero-day blues

check point logoAccording to Reish, the border between the enterprise IT systems and the outside world is eroding, as the adoption of cloud and BYOD policies increases the number of possible attack vectors. Meanwhile, malware itself has transformed into a big business, with virus signatures changing faster than ever before.

In this hostile environment, networks have become a lot more vulnerable, and traditional solutions such as anti-virus products are losing relevance.

In the video below, Reish suggests that in order to stay secure, we need new mechanisms to protect against things like botnets, and embrace sandboxing. “It’s about discovering the unknown, it’s about the threats that haven’t been found by the anti-virus companies, and providing protection to enterprises of any size,” he says.



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