Tech Quiz Of The Week: Web Browsers

What do you know about Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and others? Test your web browser knowledge!

Web browsers have been around since Sir Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1990.

These gateways let us access information, watch videos and play games among other things and the importance of a browser is no less important in our app-driven society in 2016.

World Wide Web

Browser warsThe early text-based web browsers didn’t have all the features we now take for granted, including animation and video content, as well as secure browsing through SSL. But the new tool led to an explosion of web use, and changed many people’s lives for ever.

Extensions, plug-ins and tabs are all now commonplace, while web security is a priority. Early leaders have come and gone, while Microsoft’s much-maligned offerings have transformed and Google has looked to exert its dominance against plucky outsiders like Firefox and Opera. Apple being Apple, naturally has its own too.

But what do you know about web browsers?

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