Adblock Plus Comes To Windows 10 Edge Browser


Windows 10 Anniversary adds support for Edge extensions, including pop up gatekeeper Adblock Plus

With Microsoft’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update adding support for extensions in Edge, Windows 10 users can now install Adblock Plus on Microsoft’s home-brewed web browser.

While Adblock Plus was already available on Microsoft Edge, it was only open to those who took part in Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program.

But now, as the upgraded Windows 10 gets rolled out to users over the next month, Adblock Plus will be available to the general public.

Annoying ads

Adblock Plus is one of the most popular adblocking apps for desktop and mobile browsers. Still a somewhat contentious issue in the publishing and media industry, Ablock Plus claims to just block ‘annoying’ and intrusive web adverts that slow down the performance of a user’s device.

adblock plusAdblock Plus said it welcomed Microsoft’s move to add extensions to Edge, and it is excited to welcome new users to the ad blocking community.

“After years of development and support of Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer we very much welcome Microsoft’s bold attempt to move to standards based approaches with Microsoft Edge,” said Adblock Plus today.

“One of the upsides of this approach is that our current implementation of Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge is based on the code of Adblock Plus for Chrome, unlike the entirely separate codebase for Internet Explorer.”

While Adblock Plus said it has been working closely with Microsoft to bring the service to Edge, it admits there are still some issues with the extension. One of the main problems is the limited space users will have to store filter subscriptions.

“Some of the heavy users might find that adding more than one or two subscriptions will not work. There are also a few other issues, which is why we have decided to keep the Beta title for now. Nevertheless, we are still committed to bypass most of the limitations in future releases,” said the company.

Many people use ad blockers because they find ads intrusive while others believe some creatives slow down system performance, use excessive amounts of data and reduce battery life, while others hold security fears. A number of advertising networks have been used to launch malvertising attacks in recent times.

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