AVG Offers Do-Not-Track Feature And Security BootCamp

AVG is offering a do-not-track feature to prevent ad networks tracking users, and has launched an online security BootCamp

Mobile security specialist AVG Technologies has launched a free online SMB BootCamp, which contains a mix of video clips and Web content divided into eight weekly themed instalments.

The company has also added a ‘do-not-track’ privacy option for its security products.

Security BootCamp

Each of the eight weekly themed instalments for the SMB BootCamp have a short, multiple-choice questionnaire that must be completed correctly in order to qualify for the next stage.

The eight themes are: analyse your business, understand the threat landscape, the threat within – employees, hardware, cloud, mobile, social media and create your own security policy.

The successful completion of the final week’s questionnaire entitles small to midsize businesses (SMBs) to download the company’s SMB BootCamp badge for use on their Websites and as part of their marketing campaigns, to demonstrate they have participated in the program.

To take the free course, participants can register via a link on AVG’s Website. After registering, candidates are sent an email link to begin the course when the first stage starts. Subsequent instalments are issued to candidates on a weekly basis via email.

“The truth is, the vast majority of SMBs only truly understand the total devastation of IT a security breach can cause after they’ve had one,” said Laurie McCabe, partner at market research firm SMB Group. “Even though they hear about the massive losses that other companies suffer – in time, money, customers and brand – too often they don’t put IT security measures in place until they’ve been hit themselves because they think they will be too expensive or complicated. Solutions such as AVG’s SMB Bootcamp give small-business owners a simple and cost-effective way to proactively tackle and control security challenges.”

Chris McManus, AVG’s vice president of sales, said if as business owners, users take care to ensure their company follows AVG’s recommended security procedures at all times, they would want their customers to know how hard they are working to protect them. “We think SMB BootCamp will appeal to small and medium businesses who want to show their customers that they take security seriously,” he said. “Because it is delivered in digestible, non-technical bite-sized chunks, it’s a program that even the busiest people can complete without disrupting their day-to-day operations.”


The company also launched its active “Do-Not-Track” feature to its Internet security products.

The application informs and offers consumers the choice to block tracking directly or turn it on and off as desired. New customers who purchase AVG’s 2012 product and current customers who update AVG’s free and paid 2012 consumer security products with the new Service Pack will be automatically protected from sites and networks that invade their online privacy. At the same time, users can modify this default setting from within the user interface.

Another new Service Pack feature is Wi-Fi Guard, which offers protection from unknown Wi-Fi access points. For example, cyber-criminals can set up rogue Wi-Fi access points using the name of a popular coffee shop chain, hotel or public Wi-Fi provider, and then eavesdrop and breach consumer security. After installing AVG’s 2012 Service Pack, a pop-up window automatically warns users if their device attempts to connect to a never-before-used public Wi-Fi access point.

“This new feature is all about putting control of online privacy in the consumer’s hands. At AVG, we help provide Internet users with peace of mind, and today, making users aware of issues with online privacy is a logical extension of our community-centric platform,” said JR Smith, CEO of AVG. “We believe all Internet users are entitled to know how their online data is collected and used, and they should have possible solutions available.”

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