Tech Quiz: ARM Holdings

What do you know about the UK’s chip giant?

ARM Holdings is arguably the UK’s biggest tech success story of recent times.

From its humble beginnings in Cambridge, its processor technology is used by the overwhelming majority of the world’s mobile devices.

Central to its success is its ability to design chips that don’t have the power demands of those designed by Intel and others. And as IT becomes increasingly mobile, ARM’s influence will become even greater.

ARM campus Cambridge

ARM Quiz

It also has its sights set on the data centre market, where power consumption becomes a greater concern for those looking to control cost and environmental impact in a cloud-first world.

In 2016, ARM was acquired by Japanese giant Softbank, which has promised to keep ARM’s engineering expertise in Cambridge and even expand its workforce as it looks to an IoT future. But the transaction has seen the UK lose its last chance of creating a technology giant to rival the likes of HP, IBM or Samsung.

But what do you know about ARM Holdings?

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