Apple Watch Series 2 Launched With More Power And Water Resistance

A dual core processor and GPS gives the new Apple Watch more grunt and capabites than its predecessor

Apple has revealed its successor to the Apple Watch, dubbed the Apple Watch Series 2, which features a dual core processor, GPS and a stronger ceramic finish version.

Available 16 September with pre-orders going live from 9 September, the Apple Watch Series 2 looks very similar to its predecessor but will come with watchOS 3 and a boosted display that’s twice as bright as the original Watch, offering 1000 nits, the brightest display Apple has ever put on its hardware.

Powering this display is a boosted graphics processor offering double the performance of the Apple Watch.

Fitness first

Aimed at fitness fanatics who want a smartwatch with advanced fitness tracking, the in-built GPS bypasses the need to rely on location tracking provided by a connected smartphone. The new Apple Watch is also water resistant to 50 metres, a boon to clumsy people and enthusiastic swimmers; to the extent that Apple has added a dedicated swimming workouts feature that tracks a swimmer’s individual stroke efficiency.

One of the most interesting parts of the Apple Watch Series 2 is how Apple has made the speaker waterproof and enabled it to vent any water which gets into it. This allows Apple to make a water resistant smartwatch without compromising on its audio capabilities.

Apple Watch Nike+However, Apple isn’t leaving runners out in the cold, having worked with Nike to create a running-focused Nike+ version of the new watch, which will be available late October. The addition of GPS means running fans can make sure they stick to their routes through the use of scrollable directions. These tracking chops will can also record runs and then send a map of the route to the wearer’s iPhone.

The Apple Watch Series 2 will cost $369, around £275, which will knock the price of the original Apple smartwatch, now known as the Apple Watch Series 1, to $269.

While the new Apple Watch may not be a must-have device for business users, its new features should make it appeal to more consumers, which is handy given sales of the original have slumped significantly this year.

Apple Watch Series 2

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