Fancy A New iPhone? You Can Now Buy One With PayPal

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Apple Store users can now use PayPal to pay for their devices

Apple is now accepting payments via PayPal for its online store.

Users in the UK and U.S. can now pay for their purchases using the method, which was previously only available as a payment option only in Apple’s app and content stores.

However, users in other markets will have to have their purchases shipped to one of those countries first before arranging further transit.

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Apple has also announced its support for the PayPal Credit initiative, which lets users split up purchases over $250 or £99 into equal monthly installments with no interest over 18 months. This, it hopes, will help open up the company’s more expensive high-end items, such as Macbooks, up to a wider audience.

The news marks a significant turnaround for both Apple and PayPal, which have had an uneasy working relationship in the past.

Apple, which is the second largest online retailer in the US, revealed its own payments platform, Apple Pay, back in September alongside its latest mobile devices. It included several leading mobile payment partners, such as Stripe, Verifone and Braintree, but not PayPal, leading many observers to question the relationship between the two, especially following rumours that PayPal had signed an exclusive deal with Samsung to process payments authorized with the Samsung Galaxy S5 fingerprint sensor.

The platform signed up one million subscribers in its first three days, Apple said, but has also attracted some criticism, with several major retailers refusing to sign up.

However it will be hoping for further success with Apple Pay’s launch on the company’s first wearable, the Apple Watch, which is set for release sometime next year.

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