Anonymous-Affiliated Hacker Sentenced To Three Years

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Yet another Anonymous member is heading to prison

A US man connected with the Anonymous hacking group has been jailed for three years for compromising police websites.

John Anthony Borell III pleaded guilty in April, agreeing to pay $227,000 in damages to affected organisations, the AP reported. He had breached police-owned servers and accessed a range of information, including personal data of informants.

Anonymous Guy Fawkes mask © lukeskydrawer - FotoliaAnother Anonymous member jailed

One hack saw the Salt Lake City police website downed, putting out of action for four months, during which a more secure site was built.

Borell was ordered to stop taking drugs and accept mental health treatment, although the court did not hear in detail about his problems.

“We don’t want to see you in court again,” the judge added.

Law enforcement bodies across the world have been effective in tracking and jailing members of Anonymous and affiliated groups such as LulzSec.

Earlier this year, notable Anonymous member Jeremy Hammond pleaded guilty to one count of violating the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, after accessing and publicising emails from intelligence contractor Stratfor.

In the UK, a handful of LulzSec hackers, including Ryan Cleary, Jake Davis and Ryan Ackroyd, were all handed jail sentences.

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