Acer Reveals Lego-Inspired Modular PC

Acer Revo_Build_03

IFA 2015: ‘Building Block’ Revo Build sees Acer let its customers decide what components to include

Your next computer could be hand built using only the parts you want or need, thanks to a new release today from Acer.

The computing giant took to the stage at IFA 2015 today to reveal the Revo Build, a modular home PC that is all about customisation without the need for a toolbox.

The unit is made up of “Blocks” with different features which can be easily stacked on top of the base unit, much like a child would do with Lego, each adding a piece of extra functionality such as a portable hard drive or wireless power bank for wireless charging.


Revo Build_01The Blocks are connected through pogo pins with magnetic alignment so that there’s no hassle with wires when swapping out modules, and can work independently or with other PCs.

It is designed to fit into almost any space around the home of office, being packaged in a tiny one litre chassis with a 125 x 125 mm footprint that can be placed almost anywhere.

Also available on launch will be an Audio Block with speakers and microphones, with Acer saying that other expansion “Blocks” will be rolled out gradually, with company’s chief executive Jason Chen also inviting users to suggest ideas for new modules.

The Acer Revo Build will be available in the UK mid-October with prices starting at £199.99.

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